Khắc phục file UI0detect.exe tự bật lên khi chạy Windows 7

Thi is not a malware problem.This program which runs the UI0Detect.exe has no depenentcies so disabling “Interactive Services Detection” service should not cause any issues when running Windows 7 system.

To disable Interactive Services Dialog Detection messages in Windows 7, search the word “services” in your Start menu, click on Services when it comes up, and find Interactive Services Detection in the list of services. Right click it, and click Properties. Here, you can either Stop the service, or choose “Disabled” from the Startup Type menu. Either of these things will stop these messages from appearing.
Open Control Panel
Double click ‘Administrative Services’
Double-click “Services”
Right click – ‘Interactive Services’ from list in Window
Select ‘Stop’
Right click – select Properties
In ‘Startup type’ select ‘Disable’
Click “OK”

Done – unless you want to reboot to make double-sure it worked.


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