What You Hear cho driver sound Audigy LS

Dimension 9200, Vista Home Premium, Sigma Tel audio
Like many others I am looking for a solution to the problem of recording the stereo mix or “what u hear” output with the sigma tel codec under Vista. It seems from other posts that Dell deliberately disabled this (anyone know why – do Sigma Tel charge them less for a crippled driver?). I am considering buying a PCI sound card to allow me to do this and investigated the Soundblaster Audigy SE. However I discovered this information on the Sound Blaster site:

The What U Hear recording option is supported in Windows Vista for Sound Blaster X-Fi series (Excluding Extreme Audio series) and Sound Blaster Audigy series (excluding Sound Blaster Audigy LE, SE, and Audigy Value).

If the “What U Hear” option is missing in the Recording menu, it could be disabled or hidden. To make it appear in the list, right click anywhere in the Recording menu, and select “Show Disabled Device”, right click on “What U Hear” option and select Enable. Right click it again, and select “Set as Default”.

The “What U Hear” feature for Sound Blaster Audigy SE/LS/Live!24 bit cards had changed since the latest driver update. The previous version of Windows Vista driver (SB24_VTDRV_LB_1_04_0065A.exe) for Sound Blaster Audigy SE/LS/Live!24 bit has an option for recording with “What U Hear”;

The latest version (SB24_VTDRV_LB_1_04_0077.exe) no longer has the option for “What U Hear” recording with Sound Blaster Audigy SE/LS/Live!24bit.

Both drivers are currently available for download. The only way to get the “What U Hear” back is to reinstall the previous drivers, or roll back drivers.


[It’s Solution id 1774 but I can’t seem to link directly to it]


So in case anyone else is thinking of trying the the Audigy SE it seems you have to be ready to install the previous version of the driver to allow What U hear recording. Alternatively buy one of the models that does support it (rather a limited choice).



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