Bảo quản sản phẩm PCR

Is there any procedure to store PCR products?

I am planning to do PCR for 100 different seed varieties so it is not possible for me to check PCR products on agarose gel in short period of time so I am seeking protocols to store pcr products.

Hi Kavin,

it doesn’t really matter how you store PCR assays. There is hardly any reaction in biochemistry that has been boiled and thus freed of enzymes other than the polymerase itself than a PCR. Personally, I don’t even cool PCRs down below room temperature after the last amplification cycle and I store them in the fridge if I intend to use them during the subsequent week. Freezing conservers the amplificates more or less indefinitely, at least for practical purposes. Only the water will dry away. We had never difficulties to clone ampification products after storing them for a year or so. Don’t worry, in the absence of degradative enzymes, and at reasonable pH, DNA is a stable compound.

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