Chord List


There is less than universal consensus about chord names and symbols and this has given rise to a number of possible ways of writing the same chord. Here is a list of the most commonly found chords that includes commonly used alternative names and symbols.If you come across an incomprehensible chord name or symbol not listed below don’t hesitate to email us!


Click here for printable version (pdf file)

C chords are used as examples throughout. Symbols are given in approximate order of popularity of usage. Commonly used alternative names are given in brackets. Numbers in brackets are optional notes.

Major      C
1 3 5

Minor      Cm      Cmin C-
1 b3 5

Augmented      C+      Caug       C#5
(Sharp five)
1 3 #5

Diminished      Co      Cdim      Cmb5
(Minor flat five)
1 b3 b5

Suspended fourth      Csus4      Csus      C4
(Sus or sus four)
1 4 5

Suspended second      Csus2      C2
(Sus 2)
1 2 5

Major Seventh      C7      CMaj7       CM7       C
1 3 5 7

Dominant Seventh      C7      Cdom
1 3 5 b7

Major Sixth      C6      CMaj6
1 3 5 6

Minor Major Seventh      CmMaj7      CmM7      Cm7      Cm§7
(Minor Natural Seventh)
1 b3 5 7

Minor Seventh      Cm7      Cmin7      C-7
1 b3 5 b7

Minor Sixth      Cm6      Cmin6      C-6
1 b3 5 6

Dominant Ninth      C9
1 3 5 b7 9

Dominant Eleventh      C11
1 3 5 b7 (9) 11

Dominant Thirteenth      C13
1 3 5 b7 (9) (11) 13

Seventh Sharp Nine      C7#9      C7+9      C7aug9
(Augmented ninth)
1 3 5 b7 #9

Seventh Flat Nine      C7b9      C7-9
1 3 5 b7 b9

Seventh Suspended      C7sus4      C7sus
1 4 5 b7

Suspended Ninth      Csus9      C9sus4
(Ninth sus four)
1 4 5 b7 9

Major Ninth      CMaj9      CM9      C?9
1 3 5 7 9

Augmented Seventh      C7+       C7#5      C7aug      C7+5
1 3 #5 b7

Half-Diminished Seventh      Cm7b5      C      C½dim
(Minor Seven flat Five)
1 b3 b5 b7

Diminished Seventh chord      Co      Co7       Cdim
(Diminished or dim.)
1 b3 b5 bb7

Added ninth      Cadd9
1 3 5 9

Added eleventh      Cadd11      Cadd4
(added fourth)
1 3 5 11

Six Nine C6/9
(Sixth add nine)
1 3 5 6 9

Click here for printable version (pdf file)
This is not a complete list but I believe it covers all chords whose names or symbols might potentially confuse people!

Other chords are usually easy enough to work out from their name or symbol:

For example: C Seventh sharp five flat nine = C7#5b9

For further explanations about how chords are formed click on a link below:


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