Lessons that are not from textbooks

Lessons that are not from textbooks


Books, a great invention of humankind, besides its utility to spread knowledge, are still unable to teach us everything. Words are either ambiguous or far-off to real daily life. Many books teach people how to deal with situations and making decisions, yet do not sound like a piece of cake for the readers. It is impractical for the fact that the readers have not encountered the contexts by their own experience.


They say every one is a storybook if we know how to read it. No matter how interestingly the stories tell, a living-book is genuinely written from one’s experience and knowledge that are worth-learning. Depending on the type of persons you meet, you read the book in different perspectives. For me, I prefer to read and learn from the fine books – UST professors I met in my institute.


Dr. Tae-Sung Yoon, Ph.D, Medical Proteomics Research Center/Bio Analytical Science, KRIBB.


Most of UST students spend time studying and doing research in laboratories. A typical day schedule is regularly busy and “academic life” takes up the majority of their time. One problem that many students face with is the ineffective researching skills. This weakness costs the students at the expense of extra time and effort to complete the same task compared with their peers, and evidently drags down the work productivity. It seems to be a huge but invisible obstacle for many students to overcome. I think, in the future, UST should help us by giving more education on research skills subject.


I happened to know Dr. Yoon by attending his classes that I chose for my credits, namely “Research planning and design” and “Practical proposal writing”. The lectures were conveyed through direct discussion of the relevant research topics: What is research?, How to conduct a good research?, How to propose your research ideals?. What made the classes special and unique lying on its profitability since no one officially teaches us how to do research. Mostly, one should pick up the experience and learn from other seniors lab mates. That was where Dr. Yoon’s lectures certainly came in handy. By the discussions in the class, we obtained some skills to solve problems that we come across during doing research and writing our research proposals.


In his class, we were put forward with the making of our own proposals such as a research topic for a project, a Ph.D. course application to the president of UST, or a dream job proposal.  Dr. Yoon went along and helped us fine-tune the work by giving advices and comments from his personal experience. Apart from tutoring, Dr. Yoon also tried to make us understand the significance of planning both in research and career. He said: “One you start making a serious plan, it will keep you up and driven you in a faster way to the goal.”


Meanwhile the major fields’ knowledge is vast and burgeoning, the useful lessons of research methodology and planning by Dr. Yoon, in his small office-class, would always be in accompaniment with me in my academia life. Personally, I feel myself lucky to had chance reading from such enjoyable living-book like Dr. Yoon and grateful to him.


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