My god Gary II, you are an incredible dumbass. Please don’t answer questions if you have no idea what you are talking about. 

First of all, it is perfectly acceptable to use the term “digest” when referring to a restriction enzyme cutting DNA. In fact, it is extremely common to use “digest”. 

Secondly, the reason that a restriction enzyme does not digest the host’s DNA is because it is part of a “restriction-modification” system. The restriction part cuts the DNA at a specific sequence. The modification part methylates the same sequence in the host cell, so that the restriction enzyme can no longer cut it. 

The reality is the sequence exists in many more copies in the host cell compared to a phage (viral) genome, unlike what you stated. Additionally, they are never “packaged into vacuoles and then released into the outside environment”. Seriously, you just dreamed this up and it sounded good to you? Please don’t answer any more question.


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