Y học tái tạo (Regenerative Medicine)

Regenerative Medicine
– Là quá trình tạo ra các mô sống, mô chức năng nhằm sửa chữa hoặc thay thế các Mô (tissue) hoặc các chức năng của cơ quan bị mất đi do tuổi tác, bệnh tật, hư hỏng hoặc hư hỏng bẩm sinh…
– Tái tạo các mô bệnh hoặc bị tổn thương bằng cách hoạt hóa các tế bào nội sinh hoặc bởi cấy ghép tế bào.
– Chữa trị trong đó các tế bào gốc được tạo ra nhằm biết hóa thành các loại tế bào đặc hiệu cần thiết nhằm sửa chữa các tế bào bị phá hủy hoặc mô bị phá hủy
Các định nghĩa khác:
A treatment in which stem cells are induced to differentiate into the specific cell type required to repair damaged or destroyed cell populations or tissues. (See also cell-based therapies).
Medical interventions that aim to repair damaged organs, most often by using stem cells to replace cells and tissues damaged by aging and by disease.
A term applied to new medical advances in which damaged body parts or body tissue is replaced or the body is encouraged to heal itself. …
The clinical use of stem cells to repair tissues lost due to damage or decay.
This branch of medicine aims to repair damaged tissue. It usually focuses on stem cells to repair the diseased or aging organs.
Regenerative medicine is the term that is used to describe the current leading frontier of medical research – ability to regenerate the damaged organs and tissues and their original function in order to provide new therapeutic treatments for pathologies that conventional medicine are not able to …
Regenerative medicine refers to technologies that repair diseased or defective tissues or organs rather than replacing them.
a newer approach in medicine aimed at restoring function to damages body organs and tissues.
Represented by KCI’s LifeCell business and includes tissue-based products for use in reconstructive, orthopedic and urogynecologic surgical procedures to repair soft tissue defects.
the Regenerative Medicine business unit, operated by the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary LifeCell Corporation, or LifeCell, develops, processes and markets novel biological soft tissue repair products made from human or animal sources that have been uniquely designed to harness the body’s …

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