Psychic Training and Exercises for Your Sixth Sense

What is the Sixth Sense?

As was mentioned in the article “Awareness Starts with Your Senses’, the Sixth Sense is the Sense of ‘Feeling’, of ‘Energy’.  It is a ‘bridge’ between the Organic and Dimensional Energies, kind of like an ‘Online Translator’ that can convert information from one language to another.

Your Sixth Sense translates Energy Vibrations and Programmed Data that your brain receives through your Senses, and converts it into a format that your ‘Brain’ can comprehend; ‘Images, Sounds, Smells,’ etc.  Now if you have ‘trained and developed’ your Sixth Sense and you can ‘understand’ the information you are receiving and working with, then you have an Expanded Awareness, like a Blind person who Now can See; How Much More Wonderful and Intense the World would appear to be.

You can use your ‘Energy’ to do things that create a ‘Reaction’ that you can ‘perceive’ through your Sixth Sense, like a deaf person who now can hear sounds, singing with his voice, a voice he never could hear before, and imagine now being able to ‘talk’ and hear our words and the sounds/words that other people make and ‘understand’ what those sounds mean…

Your Sixth Sense opens a whole world of Experiences and wonders, such as Telepathy.  Just like learning how to speak and interpret sounds for communication, you can also learn how to communicate with others using your ‘energy’ and your Sixth Sense, which is the Sense you have that ‘interprets’ energy-based data, just like your hears ‘interprets’ sound vibration data, and your eyes ‘interpret’ light vibration patterns of data.

The question is ‘How do I Develop that Extra Sensory?’


Well first of all, you should try to ‘recall’ different moments when you had ‘felt’ or ‘knew’ something before it actually  happened.  That is called a ‘Psychic Impression’.  We get them ALL THE TIME, but we ‘shrug’ it off as ‘coincidence’, or don’t give it much thought.

You want to remember what that ‘moment’ ‘FELT LIKE’, and FEEL IT NOW.  How Did YOU FEEL the moment when you ‘felt’ that a friend was going to CALL YOU and then Instantly Did?  What kind of Emotions did you ‘feel’ in that moment?  What was going on inside your ‘head’ during that moment?  What kinds of thoughts where going through your brain?

By Looking Within Yourself, you Will Discover the ‘Secrets’, because you have to ‘Know it’ and ‘Feel it’ and no one can give that to you, only you can; its the ‘Missing Piece’ that most products on Spiritual and Psychic Development fail to address or include in their Training.

A Good Mystical School, will ‘Focus On Real-World Experiences’ as a Main Training Tool, and Not just have you Meditating in the Corner, and only ‘once in a while’ train your how to ‘do things’ with All the Energy and Spiritual Growth you are Developing Into.

Spend time Reflecting on your Past Experiences where you ‘felt’ something or ‘knew things’ about someone, or something that was going to happen before it happened, etc and take note of ‘how you FELT during those moments’, how your Felt in your ‘Heart Chakra’ Area, and What you were ‘Seeing or Perceiving’ in your Head, what Images or Sounds, etc did you ‘experience’ during those moments.

First, you need Clarity of Mind, and to maintain that ‘clearness’, meaning don’t ‘think with words, English or whatever Language you speak’, so Don’t Speak in Your Head… Silence the Mind Chatter, the Babbler.  You can do this by ‘Breathing Slowly’… The Slower you Breath, the more ‘Still the mind’.  You don’t really want to Pay Attention to your Breathing while you are ‘practicing’, but you want to be ‘Mindful’ that you are breathing slowly and not rapidly.

I’ll share a Pranayama technique with you called ‘External Kumbaka’, which is to ‘Rest in the Outbreath’.  This means that you breath in slowly, exhale slowly and rest in that exhale, when there is no ‘air’ in your lungs, but not ‘forcing it out’, its a very ‘peaceful feeling’.

You breath naturally, don’t try to hold your breath, but you will notice that your ‘brain’ the ‘Vocal Chatter’ will diminish and be non-existent, during those periods of Inner Stillness and Clarity of Mind.

You can use this technique anywhere to help you ‘calm and center the brain’ within the Mind, so you can use your Mind to perceive energy and Psychically Stream the data into your Brain via your Sixth Sense, so you then get Images, Sounds, etc things of ‘this dimension’ that your Brain which is of ‘this dimension’ can utilize and work with.

Secondly, You can then Envoke that ‘Feeling’ you’ve been reflecting on, by ‘feeling it’ in your ‘Heart Chakra Area’ and Breath into that Area, and Exhale that Feeling throughout your body and ‘immerse yourself’ in that feeling, while being aware of what your ‘Body’ is Experiencing. You want to ‘become that feeling’ which changes the ‘tune’ of ‘vibration’ of your Consciousness and ‘shifts it’ to THAT FREQUENCY, just like switch channels on a TV.

It is a ‘state of Mind’ that you are ‘going into’ or Becoming that Allows you to ‘access’ these abilities within you.  You have to be thinking in a certain way to be able to perceive things that you cannot perceive ordinarily.  Its like the Guy at the Bar, looking to meet someone special.  If he ‘thinks’ of himself as ‘shy’, ‘insecure’, ‘unattractive’, he won’t be able talk to anyone because the ‘way he is thinking’ is ‘preventing him’ from certain actions… He is ‘limiting himself’.

If he thinks that he is ‘desirable and attractive’, ‘a conversationalist’ then that way of thinking will create the types of ‘emotions’ and ‘thought patterns’ that will allow him to take action on those lines.  By invoking those ‘feelings again’ you ‘relive’ that ‘frequency’ which Shifts your Energy to That ‘Emotional Bandwidth of Energy’, which was a State that was ‘connected’ with your Sixth Sense, which then Activates your Sixth Sense to start receiving data.

Its just like the game where someone says ‘Don’t think of a Red Elephant’ which immediate makes you think of it and you see an image of one in your Head.

By Feeling that Vibration of your past Psychic Moments the ‘Feeling that was CONSTANT’ between those moments, and Invoking it now, triggers the Brain to Activate your Sixth Sense, because Your Brain will have to Use your Sixth Sense to ‘translate the Frequency’ you are Feeling and Observing within Yourself as you Invoke those Emotions and Feelings.

You want to spend at least 5 – 15 minutes doing this daily for at least 3 – 4 weeks, so that you develop the ‘Muscle Memory’ to be able to ‘tune into’ this ‘Psychic State of Mind’ at Will.

Now that was the FIRST HALF OF THE COIN…. THE SECOND HALF are 2 Exercises that you can use to Decode that ‘Feeling’ you are Searching for, t
hat State of Mind you are In when you are in ‘Psychic Mode’.

You need to Practice in order to excel and grow… Commitment and Consistency.  Make a commitment to practice this at least for 1 week, and then be Consistent with it, stick with it and you will be SURPRISED at the RESULTS YOU ARE ACHIEVING.


Exercise # 1: What Card is it? – Card Reading

First you need a Deck of Cards with NO JOKERS.

What you can do to start is get into the right state of mind and take a card face-down, and hold it in your hand and ‘Feel the Card’, Feel what the Card Feels like…  IS IT BLACK OR RED?  THAT’S IT, BLACK OR RED?

An Advanced tool would be to feel the ‘feeling’ of ‘what kind of card is it Black or Red?’, kind of like you are asking that question, but asking it with Emotions and Feeling it than using ‘Words’… Remember, Clarity of Mind, No Chatting in your Brain!  Its about the Intention Along with the Feeling of Knowing What the Card is, Black or Red…

Then you want to ‘Wait’ for an Answer, like you are Waiting for receive an Impression.  You are feeling it and seeing what ‘images’ pop into your mind, but you DON’T want to ‘IMAGINE’ anything, for then you’d be making it up.

What you can also do is ‘imagine’ what it looks like, and then Clear your Mind and try to ‘Feel’ it and ‘See what it looks like’, and you’ll then Learn do Differentiate between the Feeling of Imagining it, and ‘Receiving it’ getting the ‘Data’ from the Card and Psychically Streaming it into your Brain so you see an Image.

If you’re mind is not clear and you start ‘chatting, babbling in your head’, you’ll break the Body-Mind Connection and you’ll have to start over, and clear you mind again, but don’t worry, and don’t get upset with yourself or doubt, or stress out… Just FLOW WITH IT, Fluidity.

So Go through the Cards a few times and just take ‘NOTE’ of the ‘FEELING’ of when  you’re Right, what you were feeling, and whether or not you actually ‘felt it’ like it ‘popped into’ your mind or you ‘projected it’ into your mind by imagining it.

Then when you go through the Cards again you want to make sure you keep your mind clear and go with your ‘Initial gut feeling’, the Instant Impression the Card Gives you…  don’t OVER THINK things…

NEXT once you’ve been achieving 60% + you can Practicing with Sensing if its a Face Card or Number Card, and Do that for a few Rounds.  For now I would not bother keeping track, for you’ll know when you start having some ‘hot streaks’, but later on, you can keep track or practice with a Friend.

THIRD, you should start Practicing to see what ‘Suit it is’ which is when you should start to ‘take off’, and achieve some ‘mind-boggling’ results… Be prepared to amaze yourself, but don’t get too ‘caught up in the emotion of it all’…. Stay Centered.

FOURTH, you can move on to working with only the ‘Face Cards’ from the deck and Sensing what Face Card it is and then also what Suit.  Then you can do the same for the ‘Number Cards’ in the Deck for more of a challenge.

FIFTH, at this point you should be skilled enough that you can put all the cards together again, and be able to Sense, ‘highly accurately’, what Card it is.  Now the games don’t stop there, you can use this skill for many many things.

For example… Instead of Cards, in could be a ‘Used Book’ where you would be Scanning the Book with your Senses, with the intent of knowing what information is in it, just like you were trying to find out what the card Was, and you would then receive images, or instant ‘knowing’ of thoughts from the book, or your would ‘smell or hear’ things that are in the book.

Your Intention is your RUDDER to GUIDE the SHIP, whatever kind of knowledge, information you want to know, you can know if its there for you to ‘pick up on’.  The Feelings, Emotions you feel from objects, people, etc is the Energy Data that your Sixth Sense is picking up on.  The Images, sounds, etc is the Sixth Sense translation Organically for your brain to work with.

Everything has a ‘feeling or frequency’ to it… If you look at an object you can ‘feel it’ and that Feeling is its Frequency, and so you can invoke it to tune into it, like a friend for example and then you can ‘go into’ that Frequency and receive data from it, like you wanted to know if you’re friend is available to call.

The Feeling you get back may be of your ‘friend feeling relaxed’, you can ‘feel them, and its a relaxed feeling’ say ‘wrapped around that feeling of them, their frequency’ and then you’ll see an image, of your friend lying on the beach, and so you decide to call your friend to find that they’re on Vacation and will be back in a week.

You then, while holding onto your Friends frequency, have the Intention of ‘saying Hi Telepathically’ and Wrap that feeling with how you ‘feel about them’ that love you have for them, and Project it outwards to them, like you were ‘visualizing them in front of you’ and you are putting your ‘hand’ on their Heart Chakra, like how they say ‘Hi’ in Africa, and Project that Feeling through your Hands into their Heart so they Feel the feeling of Happiness you want to send them, and they ‘will feel it’…

If they are skilled enough, they will also know it was from you… If not, they will just ‘feel good’, and probably feel good towards you, for some reason unknown to them…

The Ties That Bind – Eric Pepin

Want to learn another game?  This one is called ‘Know the Roll’.  The object of this game is to learn the ‘Feeling’ or ‘Frequency’ of Sensing the ‘Oncoming Future’, like Nicolas Cage in the movie ‘Next’.  You want to be able to ‘know’ or ‘sense’ what the Roll of the Dice is going to be.

You will do the same things you did in the previous Game as far a ‘technique’ is concerned but your focusing on Remembering times when you ‘knew’ something was going to happen and it did, that kind of frequency or feeling.

Then with a Clear Mind, you will Feel that ‘future moment’ the moment of ‘seeing the roll’ and the ‘acknowledgment’ of what it is, and see what kind of Feelings, Images, etc that ‘pop into’ your mind, while you hold the ‘intent’ of knowing the Outcome of the Roll, and then you roll, and see what you get.

This one is a little more ‘tricky’ to ‘wrap your mind around’, and I would suggest you check out the ‘FREE RESOURCES’ AND LISTEN to the FREE AUDIO COURSES offer there such as The Ties That Bind. The key to being able to utilize your Sixth Sense is ‘understanding’ how what you are trying to do is ‘Possible’ Scientifically or Otherwise.  The ‘logic’ behind how it works will unlock your thinking so your energy can ‘flow better’, like Creating a Bridge to cross a River so you can Explore whats on the other side with Ease.

Another Variation to this Game is ‘Roll Your Number’, where you Feel the ‘Feeling and Frequency of the Number you want to Roll, which you would have ‘picked up on’, from playing the Card Game, and then ‘knowing’ when to Roll the Dice, so you get that ‘Desired Outcome’.

As Well, you can also Project what kind of Roll you want into the Future, kind of how you would ‘sense’ what the Roll is going to be, from the previous dice game, and how you would telepathically send your friend a ‘emotion’ or ‘thought’, but its like you’re sending this into the
future, so when the future gets here, you are ‘receiving that message’, written into the ‘Matrix of Reality’ as the ‘Roll You Wished For’, a 7 or 11, etc

If you can ‘Influence the Roll of the Dice’ imagine all the ‘applications’ of such a Skill, and the ‘Moral Responsibilities and Implications’ of being able to do such a thing.  What’s the difference between that and Moving the Dice Telekinetically across the table?  Really there isn’t much difference, except what YOU BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE AND WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Believing is Seeing, For What You Believe ‘Tunes’ You Into that Frequency of Reality and Programs that Reality All Around You.


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