JVevermind and duhocsinhmy

If you often watch viral videos on youtube, u may have heard about Duhocsinhmy and JVevermind. Well, those are two famous Vlogs made by Vietnamese students studying abroad in USA. As you know, Vlog has been very popular in America among students and young people. to make a vlog, all u need is a camera and all u do is talk in front of the camera and post it on youtube. I find those things interesting cuz I can listen to native english speaker speak in their real life, not machenical like in some english learning CD and book. But I dont know why america find those things interesting cuz if they are made in Vietnamese, i would definitely not waste my time to watch it. :D:D:D

To follow that trend, those 2 Vietnamese students who are currently studying in USA also make their own vlogs and they become very famous now in Vietnamese community. I think the reason they re so popular not because they are good, they are excellent and their videos are super interesting, blah blah blah….It’s just because they are pioneers in making vlogs in Vietnamese , therefore they are watched by a lot of  young Vietnamese people. Normally, what first comes will be more successful than the following.

So what do you think about those 2 vlogers? Who is better???

At first, i got attracted by duhocsinhmy and found him very funny and confident.That ‘s why I admire him. On the other side, I found JVevermind just so boring, his topics werent intereting, and he kinda ugly and shy lol. I thought He was just trying to imitate what people in the country he’s living do and he didnt seem to succeed.

I then found those 2 boring so i stopped watching them for a long time.

But yesterday, when my roommate was watching JVevermind and turn on the high volumn, I accidentally listened to it and found him quite funny. I decided to check out some more clips of him and also duhocsinhmy to see how they ‘re going now. What I found was quite interesting. JVevermind is really getting better, not only about the skill of making a video but also his topics and the way he expressed his ideas. In the contrast, duhocsinhmy is getting worse. His topics are boring, and the way he expresses his body when he talks annoy people.

I also watched a clip about them speaking on the same stage when they came back to Viet Name in an event. I like to compare so I kept finding out who is better. In my oppinion, I think duhocsinhmy is still very confident and knowledgable, the way he talks is professional, i guess. JVevermind, in other hand, not as confident, spoke a little tripping. But you know what? JVevermind knows how to attract people by the natural talking, I mean the chit chat, and popular topics that the youngsters like to talk while duhocsinhmy otherwise, talk about things that are more therapist, more logical,… that makes people feel sleepy. To make that simple, it’s like a professor in class makes students sleepy and a celebraty who always attracts audience.

And what you want to know is that, JVevermind now gets more views and likes on youtube than duhocsinhmy.

Then i came to a question to myself, so who should I be? A kind gentle knowledgable person who are very excellent but doesnt earn as much money as a guy who is not as good, not as knowledgable but very tricky and clever to earn a lot of money?

Should I be  genuine. be kind then be pooper?

or should I be more crual to be weathier???

I often ask myself many questions about who I should be, and it’s hard to find out the answer:)


One response to “JVevermind and duhocsinhmy

  1. The answer is simple but as long as you have limiting beliefs about money and wealth than the answer will not be simple.

    Somehow or another, you have inadvertently created this idea in your head that the only way to have “wealth” and “money” is to be bad, cruel, and evil.

    That is just a limiting belief bro.

    There are a lot of kind people and gentle people in the world that are both wealthy and poor.

    Likewise, there are a lot of people in this world that are cruel who are wealthy and poor as well.

    Making money is a skill set that has to be learned just like an engineer has to learn engineering skills.

    Whether you are a good person or bad person is a personality issue..

    There are plenty of people in this world that have a good personality that are poor as well as rich just like there are a lot of people in this world that are cruel that are poor and rich.

    as for the two Vietnamese vloggers, jvevermind has a bigger audience because he 1) addresses his audience as if they are just buddies and 2) his material means more towards the entertainment side.

    On the other hand, duhocsinhmy gives advice and leans more towards the “personal development” side.

    When you compare entertainment versus personal development, the entertainment will always win a bigger crowd just like more people will go watch a football game then go watch a college professor lecture about solar energy.

    Was doing some research online and happened to run across your blog so I thought I would drop my two cents.


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