Korean useful phrases

누구세요? – Who are you?

이유진이라고 해요. – I’m Lee You-jin.

반가워요. – Nice to meet you.

따라 오세요. – Come follow me.

하나밖에. – Only one.

그러는 게 어디 있어요. – How could you do that?

고마워. – Thank you.

이것 좀 마셔 보세요. – Would you like to try this?

그거 좋은 샌각인데요. – That’s a good idea!

-해야 돼요.//버려야 되요.//숙제해야 되요. – I must/have to do something//I have to throw out the trash.//I have to do my homework.

죄송합니다. – I’m sorry.

알겠습니다. – OK. Got it.

지갑이 어디에 있지? – Where is my wallet?

아니, 없어. – No, I don’t have it.

찾았다. – I found it!

어디 가세요? – Where are you going?

키가 커 보여요. – You look tall.

이상하다. – How weird.

못 먹어요. – I cant eat this.

이건 뭐예요? – What is this?

배불러요. – Im full.

빌려줘. – Can you lend me?

안 돼. – No.

도와줘. – Help me!

몇 살이에요? – How old are you?

서로 앞으로 말 놓자. – Lets speak casually.

형이라고 불러. – Just call me “bro.”

귀엽다. – So cute!

강아지 키우자. – Lets raise a puppy!

뭐라고? – What?

부자래. – Rich.

그 얘기 들었어? – Did you here the news?

그게 사실이에요? – Is that true?

탁자 하나 사려고 했는데… – I was meaning to buy a table.

정말 너무 해요! – This is too much! (Expressing frustration)

잘됐다. – That’s great. It came out well.

어떤 여자 좋아해? – What kind of girl do you like?

그게 다야. – That’s all.

조금만 기다려. – Wait just a little bit.

바쁜 척 하지 마. – Don’t pretend to be busy.

어떻게 된 거야? – What happened?

아이고, 깜짝이야. – My goodness! You scared me!

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