Hydrogen peroxide (H202) Clorine (CL) Reaction

Q: Earlier today, I mixed chlorine and hydrogen peroxide. They did not readily mix, I had to swirl it a bit. When they did, it reacted very vigorously, releasing large quantities of gas. What gas is it? Is it just hydrogen and oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide breaking down? It also happens when I mix hydrogen peroxide and bleach. I think there is just some bleach left in the chlorine reacting, I’m not sure though. Any thoughts? Thanks

A:  this is the equation Cl + H2O2–>HCl + H2O
it means that you produce hydrochloric acid and water as the product since youve said that you swirl it you’re right the gas produce are Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas because of water breakdown reacting to hydrochloric acid. Its like a second reaction HCl + H2O —>HCl +H2+O2


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