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I feel like I'm waisting my life and youth. What steps should I take to have a better life?

I'm in my twenties and long stort short: I'm not in the position right now to have fun and go out like other people my age do. I'm going to college and graduate in 2 years. By that time I'll be able to have fun and go out etc. Do you think that it will be to late for me to have fun and enjoy my youth once I'm 27?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

to have the best life you need discipline and along with that is seeing the bigger picture/looking ahead at your life far into future and how it will be. its a great thing that you are preparing your self for a solid future so keep on that track.

what i do when i am in your place is avoid BS stuff that waste alot of time and isnt really full fulling
such as facebook, internet, TV shows, games. instead go for walks, read books that you really like (scifi books are like a treat for me), hiking, meeting new people and learning new things. hope that helps


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